Friday, June 11, 2010

They Mean The Most .

i love mornings like this, when we have those sweet little conversations first thing when i wake up that put a smile on my face for the rest of the day . i have a feeling today will be a good day .

my siblings are gone for the next few days so i have to entertain the little neighbor girl on my own . its not too bad, we can swim, and all i need to do is put a movie in for her and it keeps her busy . i might as well put her to work and enlist her to help me clean my room before saturday . its a jungle in there !

on another note, i think im finally done being mad about monday night . the whole situation was ridiculous to begin with so im not going to dwell on it . its a waste of emotions . however, i still havent talked to my best friend and im beginning to miss her quite terribly . and yet, i dont think that monday was the problem . she's changed, i've changed, and we're growing apart because of it, i think . i love her to death, and i always will . i'll be there for her whenever, but this distance is beginning to worry me . hopefully we can head out to the quarry next weekend for some much needed bonding . and then aside from this coming saturday, we should be able to hit the pulls as well .

evan/ ♥


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