Sunday, June 13, 2010

In A Day .

So today has been an amazing day . We've been together 9 months today and i've loved every second of it . i had so much fun last night i cant even describe it <33

But anyhow, my day today so far has consisted of;
-waking up, showering, makeup, hair, whatnotttt .
-an amazingly sweet conversation with braden that put me in a good mood <33
-hour long road trip up to Cambridge for lunch with grandma and Denney to retrieve Ean and Erin .
-listening to Stay by Lee DeWyze on repeat the whole ride home until i passed out, which is currently my new "song" ♥
-coming home and watching erin and ean's fashion show to show off their new clothes .
-practice for two hours which was actually FUN .
-searching for my ring and the missing "E" on my necklace ,
-blogging :DD

That was my super fantastic Sunday !

Now tomorrow is a big day for me . it's the first day that i start photography classes at COTC . Clear in Pataskala O.o im equal parts nervous and excited, lordie im a mess of mixed emotions ! im hoping it wont be some boring mediocre class that will only show me things i already know- i want something GREAT . but yea, 11:10-5 tomorrow . Mom has to pick me up early and drive me clear back down to glenford for our game against Lakewood . im PUMPED :DD

evan/ ♥


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