Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Unimportant .

So i haven't updated in like, over a week . Dang .
Here's the overview of what i've been up to;

All of last week-Photography class at COTC in Pataskala .
Q: How did it go ?
A: AMAZiNG ! it was so much fun . The teachers were great, and i met some cool people . The only downside was the hour and fourty-five minute long bus ride . Thats almost four hours on the bus, round trip, everyday . i didnt eat hardly anything that week because of how car sick i was .

Softball wise, over that week we had two home games [both of which i was late to] . Moday's game was against our first Lakewood team, final score was 8-0, we lost . Our record at that point was 5-1 . Wednesday, our game against Somerset was cancelled .
Saturday we played another Lakewood team . Final score was 10-1, our loss again . it was definitely our worst game because we definitely could've beaten them and i didnt even get to play . So many stupid mistakes were made, but we play them again tommorrow (;
Yesterday, we played West M . it was an AWESOME game, we kicked ass . i even got to pitch the last two innings, and even though the game doesnt count towards our tournament record, i think i pitched my best game in the past two seasons . Our total record for the tourney is 5-2 . not bad (;

On another note, im so beaten, burnt, and bruised that its ridiculous . i never burn, and this is officially the worst feeling ever . my ankle and shoulders are both swollen and bruised, oh battle scars,..

evan/ ♥


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