Sunday, June 27, 2010

Years Gone By .

So i've been missing my best friend alot lately . And this time im not talking about carley, im talking about Chelsea . We met the first day of Kindergarten, before we even got onto the bus . She was my best friend all through elementary school, even through all of the stupid arguments we would have . When middle school rolled around, i ended up moving the summer between 5-6th grade . it was alot on our friendship, but we've stayed best friends all these years . However, the two hours between us, and only getting to see her 2-3 times a year has been getting to me . i dont even know, i think we'll be best friends forever, as cliched as that sounds, because not once since we've grown up a bit have we gotten into a fight . and even though we hardly see each other, it doesnt feel like we're drifting apart at all . i just miss her a whole lot lately . Come to think of it, i miss alot from when i was younger . i miss J.R., and Caylee . i miss how simple everything used to be, now that i've grown up some, i realize how mean people can be . i guess thats just life though,..

evan/ ♥


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