Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Goodnight Moon .

absolutely love this song <33

anyhoooooo, dinner tonight at 6 with braden and his family for his birthday . i got his present and stuff today and i ended up going along with my madre's "brilliant" idea . two pairs of socks, switched, so that we each have one of each colour . its kinda cuteeee :3 and of course the new 3oh!3 cd, haha . im going to make him a cake for wednesday, since thats his actual birthday, and to make up for the fact that i have a game . i'll update later, after dinner, because im really nervous . i always feel like i have something to prove /:

evan/ ♥

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Years Gone By .

So i've been missing my best friend alot lately . And this time im not talking about carley, im talking about Chelsea . We met the first day of Kindergarten, before we even got onto the bus . She was my best friend all through elementary school, even through all of the stupid arguments we would have . When middle school rolled around, i ended up moving the summer between 5-6th grade . it was alot on our friendship, but we've stayed best friends all these years . However, the two hours between us, and only getting to see her 2-3 times a year has been getting to me . i dont even know, i think we'll be best friends forever, as cliched as that sounds, because not once since we've grown up a bit have we gotten into a fight . and even though we hardly see each other, it doesnt feel like we're drifting apart at all . i just miss her a whole lot lately . Come to think of it, i miss alot from when i was younger . i miss J.R., and Caylee . i miss how simple everything used to be, now that i've grown up some, i realize how mean people can be . i guess thats just life though,..

evan/ ♥

Thursday, June 24, 2010

adventures at easton !

oh how i miss these days . we had so much fun that weekend, easton, attempting to make a video to tik tok, playing with the ouija board, just enjoying the time we had to spend, the three of us . i love these ladies .

xx, evan/ ♥

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Unimportant .

So i haven't updated in like, over a week . Dang .
Here's the overview of what i've been up to;

All of last week-Photography class at COTC in Pataskala .
Q: How did it go ?
A: AMAZiNG ! it was so much fun . The teachers were great, and i met some cool people . The only downside was the hour and fourty-five minute long bus ride . Thats almost four hours on the bus, round trip, everyday . i didnt eat hardly anything that week because of how car sick i was .

Softball wise, over that week we had two home games [both of which i was late to] . Moday's game was against our first Lakewood team, final score was 8-0, we lost . Our record at that point was 5-1 . Wednesday, our game against Somerset was cancelled .
Saturday we played another Lakewood team . Final score was 10-1, our loss again . it was definitely our worst game because we definitely could've beaten them and i didnt even get to play . So many stupid mistakes were made, but we play them again tommorrow (;
Yesterday, we played West M . it was an AWESOME game, we kicked ass . i even got to pitch the last two innings, and even though the game doesnt count towards our tournament record, i think i pitched my best game in the past two seasons . Our total record for the tourney is 5-2 . not bad (;

On another note, im so beaten, burnt, and bruised that its ridiculous . i never burn, and this is officially the worst feeling ever . my ankle and shoulders are both swollen and bruised, oh battle scars,..

evan/ ♥

Sunday, June 13, 2010

In A Day .

So today has been an amazing day . We've been together 9 months today and i've loved every second of it . i had so much fun last night i cant even describe it <33

But anyhow, my day today so far has consisted of;
-waking up, showering, makeup, hair, whatnotttt .
-an amazingly sweet conversation with braden that put me in a good mood <33
-hour long road trip up to Cambridge for lunch with grandma and Denney to retrieve Ean and Erin .
-listening to Stay by Lee DeWyze on repeat the whole ride home until i passed out, which is currently my new "song" ♥
-coming home and watching erin and ean's fashion show to show off their new clothes .
-practice for two hours which was actually FUN .
-searching for my ring and the missing "E" on my necklace ,
-blogging :DD

That was my super fantastic Sunday !

Now tomorrow is a big day for me . it's the first day that i start photography classes at COTC . Clear in Pataskala O.o im equal parts nervous and excited, lordie im a mess of mixed emotions ! im hoping it wont be some boring mediocre class that will only show me things i already know- i want something GREAT . but yea, 11:10-5 tomorrow . Mom has to pick me up early and drive me clear back down to glenford for our game against Lakewood . im PUMPED :DD

evan/ ♥

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Question .

Have you ever knowingly hurt someone ? Someone you care for, a lot ? How did it feel ?

-i honestly never acknowledged how i knew she felt until last night, when she confronted me about it . i hate this feeling . i've been a bad friend, i've taken her for granted, and i've been stupid . Let's hope it's not too late to fix this . i need her .

evan/ ♥

Friday, June 11, 2010

They Mean The Most .

i love mornings like this, when we have those sweet little conversations first thing when i wake up that put a smile on my face for the rest of the day . i have a feeling today will be a good day .

my siblings are gone for the next few days so i have to entertain the little neighbor girl on my own . its not too bad, we can swim, and all i need to do is put a movie in for her and it keeps her busy . i might as well put her to work and enlist her to help me clean my room before saturday . its a jungle in there !

on another note, i think im finally done being mad about monday night . the whole situation was ridiculous to begin with so im not going to dwell on it . its a waste of emotions . however, i still havent talked to my best friend and im beginning to miss her quite terribly . and yet, i dont think that monday was the problem . she's changed, i've changed, and we're growing apart because of it, i think . i love her to death, and i always will . i'll be there for her whenever, but this distance is beginning to worry me . hopefully we can head out to the quarry next weekend for some much needed bonding . and then aside from this coming saturday, we should be able to hit the pulls as well .

evan/ ♥

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Beginning .

so school's out for the summer, and im going to have alot of time on my hands . i decided to start blogging ! i always tried when i was little, but i always ended up loosing my diaries >.< hah, so now that i have the time, im going to try online blogging . this is really just a way for me to get my emotions out er whatever, but if i start getting followers- awesome ! so this is just a little intro ? yea, i guess . so follow, comment, read, whatever floats your boat (: xx, evan/ ♥